Save Energy
Have the tools to track,
analyze, and share
your energy usage and
costs, right at your
UtiliTrack's web-based utility tracking makes it easy to enter, view and compare your household utilities from any device, anywhere, at any time.
Analyzing usage and costs
  • See usage fluctuations compared to costs

  • Visualize how usage and cost compare year-over-year

  • Estimate your future bills based on past averages

  • Spot problems before they get out of hand (ie. water leaks, failing HVAC systems)
Planning energy improvements
  • Identify when you use excessive energy

  • Help estimate your return on investment for repairing or replacing a system

  • Determine whether changes have affected energy costs
Selling your home
  • Share your data with potential buyers to assist them with making a sound decision based on their budget

  • Show the effect home improvements have had on energy costs

  • Advertise the energy-efficiency of your home and have the data to back it up
Renting your property
  • If tenants will be covering utilities, they should know estimated costs before they sign a lease

  • If you will be covering utilities, accurately estimate a monthly rental rate that will adequately cover your expenses